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Woman with plaque psoriasis
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For patients 12 years and older with plaque psoriasis
Clearer skin is possible in just 4 weeks

Enstilar® Foam is proven effective

In a clinical trial, a majority of patients
were “Clear” or “Almost Clear” at Week 4

In a clinical trial, more than
of patients were “Clear” or “Almost Clear” at Week 2

A randomized clinical trial with 426 adult patients investigated the effectiveness of Enstilar® spray foam or the vehicle alone for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris on the trunk and/or limbs. Efficacy was assessed using a 5-point Investigator’s Global Assessment (IGA) at Week 4, with treatment success defined as the percentage of patients who achieved at least a 2-step improvement to reach "Clear" or "Almost Clear" disease severity. Patients with "Mild" disease were required to be "Clear" to be considered a treatment success.

Enstilar® Foam, a combination medication including Vitamin D topical medication and corticosteroid

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Enstilar® Foam is the first and only prescription medication for plaque psoriasis that contains both topical corticosteroids* and vitamin D medications in one effective spray foam.


*Corticosteroids reduce inflammation.
Topical vitamin D medications slow down the overproduction of skin cells.
The exact mechanisms of their actions in the treatment of plaque psoriasis are unknown.

Treating plaque psoriasis with both topical corticosteroids and vitamin D medications may be more effective than single-ingredient topical treatments.

Spray-on Foam

Enstilar® Foam is a once-daily spray foam that can be applied across a large body area for up to 4 weeks.


Do not use more than 60 grams of Enstilar® Foam every 4 days.

Not actual size

Enstilar® Foam: a spray foam vehicle

Wash your hands before applying.


Shake the Enstilar® Foam can before each application.


Spray the foam 1.5 (one-and-a-half) inches away from the skin by pushing down on the nozzle, in any position except sideways.

3. RUB

Gently rub Enstilar® Foam on your affected body areas until the medication is absorbed. After applying Enstilar® Foam, put the cap back on the can and wash your hands.

Repeat these 3 steps to apply Enstilar® Foam to other affected areas as instructed by your healthcare provider.

Watch the video of how to apply Enstilar® Foam

Please also see the Instructions For Use.