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Man using Enstilar® Foam patient resources
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Resources and support for patients

Enstilar® Foam product shot
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Eligible commercially insured patients may pay as little as $30*

for each Enstilar® Foam prescription



Co-pay savings card Eligibility Requirements


*Certain restrictions apply. This card may reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Must be 12 years of age or older to be eligible, and a legal guardian over 18 years of age must redeem the card for patients aged 12 to 17. You are not eligible if you are enrolled or you participate in any state or federally funded health care program (eg, Medicare, Medicaid, etc). Click here for Full Terms and Conditions and Eligibility Requirements or call 1-877-678-7494 between 8:30 ᴀᴍ and 8:30 ᴘᴍ (Eastern), Monday through Friday.

Watch the video of how to apply Enstilar® Foam

Please also see the Instructions For Use.

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